Aftersales Service

  • Maintenance services during the warranty period

    Every system sold is covered by a warranty policy for a specific time duration, usually from the date system is delivered to or installed in the customer’s site. During this period of time any technical defect occurred in the system is fully covered by the warranty policy. The many technicians of the company use their broad scientific knowledge and extensive technical experience to ensure every system works and if needed any defective part or component is replaced free of charge. Obviously, the number of days any system is down, for any reason, the warranty period is extended accordingly.

  • Preventive maintenance

    Once the warranty period is terminated, the company will continue its commitment towards its customers through a contract which insures their systems stay in good shape and maintain an effective productivity.

  • Application Training

    The company’s commitments towards its customers will not end by the delivery of the system. The application training team provide the operators with appropriate trainings to make sure the customer make the best of all the potentials of every system.

Constructions services

Site planning Consultation

Radiology, Angiography, Spect and PET require specific building constructions. Pishrafteh site planning engineers can provide customers with wide range of services from architectural design and basic sketches to full planning of the site and building constructions. Some of the construction elements including the RF Shielded rooms for MRI systems are manufactured in the company’s factory which has a long and successful history in this field. In addition to the manufacturing of RF Shielded rooms, Pishrafteh is also constructing dedicated rooms for Radiology systems and surgical operation rooms. Pishrafteh has the technical knowledge and extensive experience in these fields and can execute projects of the kind with the precise technical quality and in the shortest period of time.

Comprehensive medical construction projects

Design planning and construction of medical imaging, oncology imaging, Cardiovascular, and woman health centres and equipping them are part of the services Pishrafteh has in its scope of work.