Tajhizat Pezeshki Pishrafteh


is a joint stock limited company established in 1986 by a group of engineers with more than two decades of experience in the field of servicing the medical equipment. Following five years of successful operation, in 1988 the company was picked up by General Electric Healthcare as its sole service agent in Iran and later on, it was appointed as GE healthcare authorized distributor.

Strategy & Vision

s to creation & development of accessible platform to highest level of medical imaging equipment in all over the country and providing high quality of technical and application support for all the GE’s customers for fulfilling the end-user’s benefits of all equipment capabilities.

Background & Development

The technical potentials of the company's manpower and the desire of the management to transfer know-how into the country directed the company in 1998 to establish its factory. Many GE’s ultrasound system has been assembeled in the factory and it’s under development for delivering the assembling line of GE’s CT scanner and MRI. Also the factory is the site where RF cages (enclosures needed for MRI systems) are being manufactured.

Activity Areas

PISHRAFTEH as a turn-key, medical equipment solution provider, has a wide range of communication with top medical equipment companies such as GE healthcare, Comecer and Lamboo Co. to present high quality solution with optimum costs for any healthcare diagnostic applicant. Wide range of medical equipment that can be provided by TPP, site planning and executive capabilities that TPP has, creates an integrated platform which could provide customized solution for each customer with delivering the highest technologies, productive equipment, and reliable support throughout their program’s lifetime


PISHRAFTEH is one of third companies with biggest installed base in Iran and has honor of being the pioneer for delivering advanced medical equipment to Iran such as:
Installation of first superconductive MRI 1.5 T in 1992
Installation of first 16 slices CT scanner in 2003
Installation of first MRI 3 T in 2004
Installation of first PET/CT & Cyclotron in 2012
Also due to Iran Radiology society evaluation, PISHRAFTEH is the most important company in supporting educational events and medical universities in Iran.

After-Sales Services

PISHRAFTEH has deep commitment for delivering the highest quality of technical & educational services to GE’s end-users in Iran. Being focused on quality, accuracy and celerity, lead TPP organization to be under daily bases development under supervision of its expert consultants. 57 full educated field engineers and 17 local representative in all over the Iran have the responsibility of delivery technical services and 8 advanced application specialist cover clinical support that are needed by customers.